Sunday, August 26, 2012

You want proof? Here's Some

The next prime minister in line, Hashimoto Toru, mayor of Osaka, requested for proof of the enforced sexual slavery of comfort women.
I am not sure whether or not Hashimoto is aware that his claims are nonsense or this nonsense is derived from political interests. Whatever the reason, he should be criticized for his statements.
According to a US army investigation reports that investigated war prisoners in Kunming, China in April 1945, there were testimonies that people applied for a job at a Japanese factory, but ended up in sexual slavery. Moreover, there are testimonies of proof of enforced sexual slavery of 20 Korean comfort women found in Myanmar by the US army. Horace Underwood delivered reports compulsory mobilization of comfort women to the US government, and in the Netherlands State Paper Archives, there also are proofs of compulsory mobilization.
And on top of that, Kono Yohei, Chief Cabinet Secretary, stated on August 1993, that Japan both directly and indirectly participated in installing, and managing of brothels, and recruiting, and transferring comfort women. So why the sudden change of heart and the sudden denial? Mayor Hashimoto should study the history before saying anything.

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