Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Korea and Japan's War of Nerves on Dokdo

The atmosphere between Korea and Japan on Dokdo is tense.
Both countries are claiming possession of Dokdo.
In order to see the historical truth on Dokdo, we need to dive into the past. Japan is claiming Dokdo on the grounds that Japan included Dokdo into Shimane prefecture in 1905.
However, there are many historical data that prove that Dokdo is Korean territory before 1905.
In ancient maps and official documents Dokdo is shown as Korean territory. There is evidence that documented the fact that Japanese who fished near Dokdo came to Ulleung island to pay taxes. If Dokdo were Japanese territory, the Japanese would not have to pay taxes to Korea, and would have went straight to Japan.
Currently, Japan has many territorial disputes with many countries.
Japan is in disputes with China, the Senkaku islands, with Russia, the Kuril islands, and with Korea, the Dokdo.
Sooner or later, Japan is going to claim that the whole world is Japanese.
When will Japan wake up from their imperialistic dreams.

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