Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kim Jong-un's humane side??? I don't think so

North Korea's Kim Jong-un is trying to show off his humane-side as a leader by visiting the home of his people, taking what appears to be a friendly photo with his subjects. However, Kim Jong-un's true nature is far from the what appears to be humane. He is very extravagant.
He is constructing a ski resort for his own entertainment, and signed a contract to buy two luxurious yachts that cost more than 10 million dollars per deal. He stays up all night partying. And for the sake of fatigue recovery, he installed top-class sauna facilities in his house, and wasted money on luxury watches that cost over 100 thousand dollars, high-quality liquor, instruments, and pets.
How can a leader waste all this much away when North Korea is begging for food to China? His people are starving to death, but he is only trying to satisfy his gluttony. The North Korean people will obviously be disgusted by the fake show that Kim Jong-un puts on to pretend that he is working hard for the people, while spending all the money for his own good.

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