Monday, August 6, 2012

North Korea's continued conflict in the military! A Coup may be likely

Kim Jong-Un disbanded Taep'oong Group for its low profitability. Taep'oong Group is a Pyongyang-based North Korean company established by the National Defence Commision of North Korea that supplies the North Korean military with liquidity.
The company's poor financial performance was officially reported, but the report itself is questionable.
Recently Ri Young-ho was purged, in order for Kim Jong-Un to take over the military.
Kim Jong-Un's actions to weaken the power of other military officials is proof that Kim Jong-Un hasn't dominated the military yet. In these circumstances, Kim Jong-Un's recent actions will not be welcomed in the North Korean military.
Not only did he purge Ri Young-ho, but he cut off the financial supplier of the military?! The military will definitely be hostile to Kim Jong-Un.
North Korean specialists are already predicting that a coup in North Korea is near. Kim Jong-Un is only pouring oil on the flame by suffocating the military.

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