Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Korean wave is spreading fast in North Korea

Korean wave is spreading fast in North Korea. The popular Psy's Gangnam Style is gaining popularity in North Korea. North Koreans sing and dance to Gangnam Style, even though they are unaware of the fact that Psy is a Korean singer.
In the past, Korean media contents that were distributed in North Korea through the Chinese borders were old, but now things have changed. Now, the distribution speed has increased, and North Koreans are able to enjoy very recent Korean media contents.
The speed and ability to distribute Korea's pop songs and dramas decides the merchant's income.
In North Korea, if you got the dough, you can enjoy the up-to-date Korean Wave contents. The North Korean authorities are reinforcing crackdowns, but they won't be able to bust the North Korean people who already have access to the outside world.

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