Sunday, October 13, 2013

U.S. can't solve everything for japan

U.S. and japan have relation of alliance. How could japan-war criminal be an economic power? Because japan's been under the protection of U.S, so japan make a fuss about it's trivial all comments and still depends on it completely. We could know that recent it's support for japan's right of collective self-defense made japan think they are a military power. But japan is wrong. They were defeated not by atomic bombs but by all of world countries' strong will to protect peace.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Japan's ridiculous recommendation to make the shipyard an world heritage

According to japanese major press, Japanese government made a decision to recommend Mitsubishi shipyard in Nagasaki as an world heritage officially. In pacific war, korean workers conscripted forcefully went into building warships in there and a half of them were killed by the atom bomb. it is ridiculous that the place with neighboring countries' resentment can be an world heritage, and also that is not suit for universal values and the world heritage's purpose. Japan's this action is inhumane and a kind of history distortions.

Recent public execution is for Lee sul ju

Recently, the rumour about lee sul ju is being reported by international press. it came from the fact that 9 people who belong to NK representative art organizations made porn videos. They said lee sul ju led a disorderly too while NK police was tapping. After kim jong un knew this, he ordered their public execution and it was committed shortly in last Aug. For this, all of their family was sent to political prisoner camps. They may live their for the rest of their life. NK that killed 9 people easily to hide lee sul ju's scandal makes the world people surprised.