Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Miyazaki hayao, his critical remarks about past affairs

As miyazaki hayao(the maestro of japanese animation)'s remark, if young japanese people had much interest in their country's history and right-thinking about it, japan wouldn't harm surrounding country's sovereignty and pride. if japan take care of their future seriously, they must bow to the truth of history modestly.

Monday, July 29, 2013


Compensations about Comfort women

Japan has argued that they already made compensations about comfort women issue, but it wasn't appropriate for the standard and just a shameful output of negotiation. the japanese army's comfort women issue is an anti-human crime and we need to let the world people know how much cruel it is.

North Korea would lose everything except for nuclear and missiles

Jean marc ayrault, france prime minister said "north korea has to try terminating nuclear and missiles" for his interview on 23th. North korea's ternination of nuclear and missiles is an international request. if north korea stick to nuclear and missiles continuously, north korea will lose everything except nulear and missiles.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Korean War memorial stone

At Seoul's vast War Memorial of Korea, there is a memorial stone which reminds visitors that “Freedom is not free.” The freedom that Koreans are enjoying are possible because of the sacrifice of the UN war veterans 60 years ago. Obama will mark the 60th anniversary of the Korean War with a speech Saturday at the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington. Obama will recognize the United Nations Allies that provided combat troops, medical teams, and other support

Monday, July 22, 2013

North Korea’s mediocre transporation system

North Korea invited a record number of foreign visitors to a new rendition of the Arirang mass games. However, the foreign visitors are unable to get into the country because there is no proper transportation to bring them into the hermit country. North Korea requested China to provide them with aviation out of commission. However, China refused for safety concern. This is all because North Korea invited too many visitors even when they cannot handle such an event.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

North Korea advances summer break for students

Recently Kim Jong-un moved up summer break for students by 2 weeks so that the students can be healthier. The North Korean media are promoting such move as Kim Jong-un’s generosity and leadership role. This, however, is not what a leader should be doing – changing education schedules just because he feels like it. Instead of advancing summer break, he should stop starvation if he is a true leader.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

a japanese who speak out faults of japan

Yoriko Kawaguchi(川口順子, age : 72), former foreign minister of Japan, wrote a blog opposing the revision of Kono statement, which claims that the Japanese military was broadly involved in the establishment of comfort stations and management of comfort women. The statement also offered an apology and reflection of the Japanese government. She claimed that the Japanese military took part in the comfort women issue, and their actions violate the dignity and rights of the many women. The international community view the comfort women issue as a human rights violations against women during wartime by the Japanese military. If Abe administration maintains their stances regarding the comfort women by denying the Kono statement, Japan will be stigmatized as a war crime nation.

North Korea behind the 6. 25 Cyber Attack

North Korea is believed to be behind the cyber attacks against South Korea that took place on the anniversary of the Korean War (Jun 25). North Korea has rejected these accusations and has blamed the United States and South Korea for cyber attacks. We should prepare against North Korea’s attacks since they are vigilantly awaiting for an opportunity to bring disorder to its enemies.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Japan should apolgize for the comfort women issue

The comfort women issue is more than just a issue between South Korea and Japan. It's about universal human rights, women's rights, and human dignity. Japan's futile efforts to distort the past instead of repenting and apologizing for the crimes Japan's ancestors have committed should be stopped. Japan must sincerely repent and apologize for their wrong doings of the past.

Decrease in the numbers of North Korean defectors

The reason why the number of North Korean defector arrivals has gone down is because 90% of the defectors escape through Laos and Thailand route. The Southeast Asia route is very dangerous and difficult. Many defectors give up. If the official residence in China is reopen, the number of defectors will reincrease.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Comfort women issue

Comfort women visited Kupferberg Holocaust Center. It is very upsetting that the Japanese government has still not apologized for the atrocities committed against the comfort women during World War II. Japan is still lying and saying they did not force the women into sexual slavery. Many of the survivors are passing away. The government of Japan is waiting for us to all die. But this would still not be resolved.

Famine in North Korea

Regarding the famine in North Korea, we should help out the starving people. However, when it comes to the corrupt leaders of North Korea who are only interested in using the aids for military purposes, no aid should be given to North Korea.

Working ants

Sunday, July 14, 2013

We still cannot trust North Korea

North and South Korea began a new round of talks on reopening Kaesong industrial park after earlier negotiations failed to produce agreement. Their working-level talks resumed in North Korea's border city of Kaesong, where the park complex is located. The previous round last week ended after the two sides couldn't agree on steps to resume operations at the idled complex but said they would try again Monday. Preventing the recurrence of wrongdoings, such as breaking the agreement, is not only related to resolving the Kaesong Complex issue, but it is also important in moving inter-Korean relations forward. If North Korea really is up to talks it should first have sincerity.



Mourning Asiana crash victims

Dozens of South Korean middle school students on Thursday mourned the deaths of two Chinese teenage girls who died in last week's Asiana Airlines jet crash in San Francisco. These students held a candlelight vigil in downtown Seoul, praying for the Chinese victims. Ahead of the vigil, the South Korean students visited the Chinese Embassy in Seoul and delivered a letter of condolence. The actions of the students gained the attention of the media and I hope the victims can rest in peace.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Detention of Kenneth Bae

American Christian missionary Kenneth Bae, currently serving 15 years in North Korean for allegedly plotting to overthrow the government, has appeared in a new video speaking of health difficulties and calling on the U.S. to help secure his freedom. His University of Oregon alumna, Dennis Bae stated that he did not recognize his friend because his friend looked very ill. I urge North Korea to release Kenneth Bae ASAP.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

North Korea forces its people to beg abroad

There are around 46,000 North Koreans working abroad. When Kim Jong-un came to power, he ordered people to work abroad even if it means that a few defect. This is because when Kumkang Mt tour and Kaesong industrial complex shut down he had no money. The monthly salary of an average North Korean working abroad is $300~1000. However, 70~90% of the salary are taxed. Therefore, they end up getting paid around $100~130. Most of the taxed money are not used for the goodwill of these workers. They are only used for Kim Jong-un’s luxurious life. The North Korean workers are modern slaves.

Cannibals in North Korea

In North Korea it is not unusual for people to disappear. People were dying by the thousands, maybe millions. But dark rumors were spreading, too horrifying to believe, too persistent to ignore. Fear of cannibalism, like the famine supposedly driving it, spread. People avoided the meat in streetside soup vendors and warned children not to be alone at night. North Korea’s famine may be over, but the stories of desperate men and women, driven so insane by starvation that they consume their own children, have resurfaced. According to Rimjingang’s sources, the famine, like others before it, had led to cannibalism. One man, they said, had been arrested and executed for killing and eating his children. Maybe the stories of cannibalism are nothing more than that; rumors, stories from two decades prior that devolved into folklore. But cannibalism, for all the voyeuristic horror it inspires, is a symptom of something much worse: starvation and social breakdown, the conditions for which remain in North Korea.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Paying respect to mummified Kim Jong-Il

Kim Jong-un visited Kumsusan Palace of the Sun and paid respect to mark the 19th anniversary of the death of its founder Kim Il-Sung. In true communism, when a person dies, the remains are to be used as fertilizers. However, North Korea broke these rules and are putting a lot of effort in preserving the body. Despite hundreds of thousands starving to death in a famine at the time, it is believed that the conversion cost at least $100 million. North Korea should use the money for a better good.

The difference between Chinese and North Korean communism

Although China and North Korea both claim to be a communist state, they are completely different. When a party member is elected in China, they go through proper election processes. North Korea, on the other hand, does not go through proper election process. The decision maker is the leader. The rest are just subordinates who are to follow the orders.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

enouncing Japan’s historical distortion

Even when it is a fact that Japan invaded many countries in East Asia, Abe stated that what constitutes an invasion has yet to be established in academia or in the international community. Is Japan not afraid of the consequences they will face from its East Asian neighbors such as Korea and China

Kaesong industrial complex

North Korea received 80~90 million dollars cash annually for having the Kaesong industrial complex open. Therefore, it would not be in their best interest to shutdown the complex. It’s been told that when the South kroean government offered to talk, North Korea took the offer without hesitation. If North Korea does not want the complex to shutdown, North Korea must promise to create preventive measures in order for negotiations.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Criticizing Kim Jong-un

For weeks, China has been anticipating the first state visit by South Korea’s first female president, Park Geun-hye. The timing seems good, as the schism between Beijing and Seoul has narrowed recently: China has shown signs of increasing annoyance with North Korea’s regime, Beijing’s strategic and ideological partner. That tension has paved the way for the warming of Beijing’s relationship with Seoul. Park has captured the Chinese imagination for being a fluent Mandarin speaker and an avid fan of ancient Chinese philosophy and military wiles. Meanwhile Kim Jong-un is perceived as an incompetent leader who creates trouble everywhere he goes. That’s why China calls Kim Jong-un the Third Fatso of the Kim family.

North Koreans becoming druggers

Apparently 20,000 North Koreans are addicted to Philopon, 50,000 are addicted to Opium. Of the 23 million, 3% of North Koreans are dependent on drugs. This is no doubt an extremely high rate. This all started when North Korea, desperate to solve its cash woes due to ongoing isolation from the rest of the world, reportedly ordered its foreign diplomats in numerous embassies, including one in Eastern Europe, to sell illegal drugs on the streets. Diplomats were sent abroad with 44 pounds of drugs and told to raise currency. There is no country like North Korea that organizes drug production.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

North Korea will collapse by nukes and missiles

North Korea launched four short-range projectiles into waters off its east coast, a day before South Korean President Park Geun-hye began a state visit to China last week. North Korea fired four short-range projectiles from the vicinity of Wonsan into waters in the East Sea in the afternoon of the 26th of last month. North Korea launched several short-range projectiles into the East Sea in May despite South Korea's demand to end such provocations that could heighten tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Though any firing of short-range missiles or projectiles by Pyongyang does not constitute violations of U.N. resolutions banning the North from test-firing ballistic missiles, South Korea and the United States consider that as a provocative act. While having summit talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing, Park called for North Korea's denuclearization and described Pyongyang's goal of simultaneously seeking economic development and nuclear armament as unattainable. North Korea earlier in the day reacted vehemently to Park's criticisms of its policy, calling them unacceptable provocations against its regime's dignity and declaring that its nuclear capability can never become a bargaining tool and is non-negotiable.


Begging you all

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Everybody knows that comfort women were sex slaves of Japan

At the moment, the comfort women of Imperial Japanese army is an international issue. All over the world, the comfort women issue is recognized as a serious problem that Japan tries to smother and hide the truth. Despite international denunciation, the Japanese government ignores the criticisms and is still trying to distort their past. Even their own people are urging the Japanese government to change their policies regarding the comfort women, but the governments’ ears are shut tight. Recently Watanabe Mina, the secretary general at Women’s Active Museum on War and Peace, stated that the Japanese government does not realize that the comfort women issue is being regarded as a sexual slavery issue internationally at a gathering where Amnesty International Japan participated.


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