Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The reason why North Korea suffering from chronic power shortages

North Korea, the country that cut off outside media, and is sticking to propagandizing the regime...
It's believed that North Korea is sending electronic jamming signals 18 hours a day to block foreign broadcasts.
It is ridiculous that North Korea, a country suffering from chronic power shortages is sending 18 hours of electronic jamming signals...
It is just simple insanity and absurdity.
The reason behind blocking off foreign broadcasts...
It's probably because they are afraid that the dictatorship will crumble.

Don't waste the electricity at useless places, and use it for the good of the North Korean people. That's what a true leader should do.
Kim Jong Un is a leader that does not care about public sentiment, but only himself. It's just really terribly sad.

Federation of Korean Associations push ahead for memorial stone for comfort women..!

In reaction to Japanese government's systematic forced removal of memorial stones, the Federation of Korean Associations in US are pushing for the construction of memorial stones for comfort women all over the US, claiming that the world needs to know the Japan's audacity to ignore their imperialistic brutality, massacre, and past invasions.
The Korean American Voters' Council (KAVC), loacated at Palisades Park placed the comfort women memorial stone to prevent repeating Japan's future atrocities, and brutality, and to commemorate the comfort women that were brutalized by Japanese imperialism.
Before removing comfort women memorials, the Japanese government should first reflect on their mistakes and apologize.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We invite you to the Suncheon bay where 2012 Yeosu Expo is held...!

 We introduce to you Suncheon bay cyber ecological park, the tourist attraction near Yeosu, where the 2012 Yeosu Expo is being held.
♠ Yeosu Suncheon 1 night 2 day tour course...!!!
 ☞ Day 1 : Suncheon Bay is outstanding for its display of dense reeds, its provision of habitat to a variety bird species and its tidal setting. The natural 'S' shape of the Bay is one of Korea's beest setting for sunset photography.
☞ Day 2 : Visit the Suncheon drama film set, Nakan Castle folk village, and Seonamsa to experience Korean traditional culture.
As Yeosu Expo was designated as one of the 'top laces to visit in 2012' by CNNgo, come to Yeosu Expo to make unforgettable memories.

Chinese Premier Wen urges North Korea to stop nuclear weapons, and missiles..!

At the Korea, Japan, China trilateral summit, Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao once again urged North Korea to stop nuclear tests and development of missiles, and stabilize the livelihoods of the public.

The Chinese government stated their unsupporting stance against the on-going recent provocations from North Korea, and urged North Korea to refrain from nuclear tests, and focus on the economic livelihoods of the public.
As the leaders of the three countries confirmed at the trilateral summit, North Korea should set their priorities straight by stabilizing the livelihoods of the public instead of making rash decisions like nuke tests and missile launches.

29 years for the Korean president to present condolence flowers!

Myanmar Rangoon bombing was an assassination attempt against Chun Doo-hwan, the then-President of South Korea, allegedly orchestrated by North Korea. During the visit, president Chun planned to lay a wreath at the Martyrs' Mausoleum to commemorate Aung San, who found the independent Myanmar and was assassinated in 1947. The assassination attempt resulted in 21 people dead and 46 people wounded.

After the bombing, Myanmar suspended diplomatic relations with North Korea, and heavily regulated foreign visits.

  29 years after the incident, president Lee Myung-bak visited Aung San Mausoleum to commemorate the deceased hero of Myanmar.
 From this visit we hope for Myanmar to cut ties with North Korea, democratize the country, and work hard for economic development.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hopes up high from President Lee's visit to Myanmar!

 President Lee Myung-Bak visited Myanmar after Korea, Japan, China trilateral summit.
Lee's visit is a a historic one, becoming the first Korean leader to travel to Myanmar since a visiting South Korean president survived an assassination attempt nearly three decades ago. Lee became the first Korea president to return to the country since the 1983 Rangoon bombing.

Myanmar has closed all ties with North Korea after the Rangoon incident, but started making efforts to restore foreign relations with North Korea. However, from this visit, we believe that South Korea will offer alternatives and pass on development know-how to Myanmar, who is in need for a partner on development, economic growth and democratiziation as well as encourage them to stop military cooperation with North Korea.
It is good to see that president Lee is putting a lot of effort to bring peace and stability the Korean peninsula, and for a world-wide economic development.

Kimchi, popular at International School of Beijing..!

Apparently, world famous well-being fermented food, Kimchi is once again gaining attention at Beijing.
Last week, Kimchi festival ended in success at the International School of Beijing's spring fair, where foreigners along with many Chinese participated.
The people and students who participated in the festival were captivated by the profound and mysterious spicy and fresh taste of Kimchi.
We once again hope for Kimchi to become a world-wide well-being food.

The truth behind North Korean car number plates

After Kim Jong-Un took hold of the North Korean regime, the number plate with 727 on cars is becoming increasingly common in Pyeongyang.
In the past, the number 216 was popular. 216 is Kim Jong-Il's birthday. Now, the number 216 is gone and 727 is the fad.
727 is the day of the Armistice Agreement of the Korean War!
This change is believed to emphasize to China the legitimacy of Kim Jong-Un's regime in North Korea by reminding the Chinese of their participation in the Korean War.
If North Korea wants to make closer ties with China, North Korea must stop provocations, missile and nuclear tests. It is just immature and foolish that North Korea is going to hard way, while they have the choice of the easier and rational way.

The reason why China may become a superpower, but not an advanced country

Four South Korean activists have been detained in China since March on suspicion of spying after they interviewed North Korean refugees living in hiding. South Korea's foreign ministry confired the four were arrested in Dalian on charges of 'endangering state security.'
The four activists merely supported the devastated North Korean refugees with food and shelter. However, China charged the activists with 'endangering state security,' and treated them as criminals.
It's ironic that China is siding with North Korea that is driving its people to the extent of leaving them with no option, but to run away, while applying the charge of 'endangering state security' to those who are providing food and shelter to the poor souls.
This is the basic reason why China may become a superpower, but not an advanced country.

North Korea, repatriate all abductees ASAP!!

In a rare incident where North Korea commented on the fate of missing South Koreans, the North stated that the daughter of Tonyeong, Shin Suk-Ja, who gained media attention due to the signature-seeking campaign efforts, has died of hepatitis. There are six more families have submitted petitions to the UN for an inquiry of the abducted South Koreans.
However, unlike Shin Suk-Ja, the other abductees are not gaining the social interest, and are being forgotten, and ignored. The families of the abductees spend everyday in anxiety without knowing the fate of their loved ones.
In fact, regardless of the social interest, the problem of North Korean abductees is a painful incident for the families.
We urge the international society to no longer connive inhumanity of North Korea, and step up to relieve the pain of the abductee families.

Exhibition of Advanced Information Technology

Tens of thousands of people flocked to South Korea's 2012 Yeosu Expo, which opened last week. The 2012 Yeosu Expo opened to the public after four years of preparation, with 104 participating nations showcasing their oceanic culture and science. The Yesu Expo will display advanced oceanic IT technologies, and will even show futuristic submarine cities.
Amenities, such as tickets, and transportation, lodging, and tourism information will be available for online, and on smartphones. The expo is providing realtime information about exhibitions via smartphones as well.
The Expo Digital Gallery located on the main street of the Expo site has the distinction of being the world's first marine culture and art gallery which incorporates cutting-edge information, 3D sounds and the world best LED technologies. Moreover, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine will showcase a large fish robot called Firo, and bipedal talking humanoid robot called Charlie.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The world's first expo to hold an opening on the sea...!

The world's first expo to hold an opening on the sea, '2012 Yeosu Expo (May 12 ~ Aug 12)' opened upon grand opening to welcome domestic and foreign visitors.
This main theme of Yeosu Expo, "The Living Ocean and Coast," conceptualizes the most desirable future for the ocean whose sound preservation and well-being is essentially linked with the survival of human kind. The expo will be held for 93 days, and 104 countries will participate. It's a once in a lifetime experience that you will definitely regret not going.

Moreover, more than 3700 'maritime performances' will be held so come to Korea and make memories that you will never forget in your life!!!

Hopes for a successful Korea, China, Japan, trilateral summit!

On the 13th and 14th in Beijing, Korea, China, Japan trilateral summit is being held to enhance cooperation in a variety of areas including security, business, and trade.
Over the past years, China has been took side with North Korea, but if there are further provocations or nuclear tests, China will no longer shelter North Korea and implement strict measures.

We hope the fifth trilateral summit will enhance cooperation between the three East Asian countries, and lead to a improved security, business, and trade, and deter North Korea's provocations and nuclear test that will bring hell to world peace.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Criticizing North Korean prison camps for using human ashes as fertilizers?

Did you know that North Korea's Kim Jong Il is the world's most vicious tyrant? For 30 years, countless number of people have been sent to prison camps, and committed acts of brutality. The prisoners were put in forced labor, beat to death, died of malnutrition to the point that the dead were fed to rats, and human ashes were used as fertilizers.
We urge North Korea's Kim Jong Un to reflect upon the failure of dying injunctions, and his failed policies to stop violent and inhumane acts.

Another Trouble Maker, China

Recently, China and Philippines have been fighting over Scarborough island in South China Sea. Historically, the island has been Philippine territory, and nobody dared to deny that fact.
However, from an unknown point in time, China has been claiming that the island is Chinese territory, and recently, the Chinese government banned Philippine fishermen from approaching the island.
At the moment, China is making a similar situation with Korean island... The Ieodo...
Historically, Ieodo is Korean territory, but China is claming that Ieodo is Chinese territory for security and economic reasons.
China has territory disputes with a total of 14 countries.
If China wants to be a powerful nation, it has to act like one, and not bully other countries, and create bunch of unnecessary conflicts.
How can we call such a country a G2 nation?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Korea, China, Japan trilateral talks, a milestone of cooperation?

President Lee Myung Bak is visiting China for 3 days to participate in the 5th Korea, China, Japan trilateral summit.
The three countries, at the summit, agreed to start free-trade talks this year.
The three nations consist of the one-fifth of the world's total GDP, and one-sixth of world's trade volume. If the FTA is concluded, it will bring economic benefits to all three countries.
Also, the three voiced to urge North Korea to refrain from further provocations, and nuclear tests.
The three nation leaders agreed upon the need for a new measure to deter North Korea's threats, and affirmed that further provocations, and nuclear tests is intolerable.
Anyways we hope that the summit will be a base for the three countries' development and cooperation to a better world.

North Korea finally opens its mouth...

Despite all hopes of survival, Shin, Suk-Ja has died of hepatitis, and her two daughters are living in Pyeong Yang.
The mother and daughter were coerced to go to North Korea in 1985. After her husband, doctor Oh, Kil-Nam escaped from North Korea in 1986, the mother and daughter have been sent to prison camps.
If Shin indeed died of hepatitis, shouldn't North Korea should reveal related informations and send Shin's body to South Korea, and let the daughters be reunited with their father, doctor Oh?

The woman who swore to take Kim Jong Un's side till the end...

This is a part of an interview from North Korea...
 A normal looking female soldier in her 20s swore to live only for Kim Jong Un, and worship the leader under any circumstances, and will even sacrifice her virginity for Kim Jong Un.
 This is very difficult understand in an ordinary world, but accounting for the fact that this is an interview from North Korea it is possible. Swearing an oath of loyalty by sacrificing the virginity under a totally groundless context?
 Guess how brainwashed North Koreans are...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

S. Korea, China, Japan agree to launch free trade talks this year

   South Korea, China and Japan agreed Sunday to launch official negotiations this year to forge an ambitious pact tearing down barriers to trade between the three of Asia's biggest economies.
   South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda reached the agreement during annual summit talks in Beijing that also covered North Korea and other issues of cooperation.
The envisioned pact, if realized, would create one of the world's largest markets as South Korea, China and Japan account for 20 percent of the global gross domestic product (GDP), 17.5 percent of all global trade, and 22 percent of the global population.
   Such a deal could also help improve overall relations between the three countries, which have often frayed over their shared history, including Japan's aggression against the other nations in the early 20th century.
   But widespread views are that negotiations would be tough and lengthy.
   "I believe the launch of FTA negotiations this year is very meaningful for the future of cooperation between the three countries," Lee said during a joint news conference after the summit talks.
   During a meeting with business leader of the three countries, Lee also said that an FTA between the three neighbors could significantly contribute to the world economy and global free trade efforts.
   On the sidelines of the summit, the three countries also signed an investment guarantee treaty that calls for providing most-favored-nation status and other protective measures for investment from each other.
   The pact is the first economic treaty between the three countries.
North Korea was high on the agenda for the summit.
   Sunday's talks came a month after Pyongyang's long-range rocket on April 13. Though the rocket fizzled soon after takeoff, the liftoff drew international condemnation as it broke a U.N. ban adopted over concerns such a launch could be used to develop missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.
   Concerns have since grown that Pyongyang could stage additional provocations, such as a nuclear test, which would be its third, as well as more missile tests and border clashes. Officials in Seoul have said the North appears to have completed preparations for a nuclear test.
   They exchanged views on the launch of North Korea's new leadership, its long-range rocket launch and related developments. 
   Lee also said he proposed during the summit that the three countries should cooperate closely to study "more effective" and fresh measures to deter North Korean provocations. Lee did not elaborate.
   But Chinese Premier Wen spoke in a softer tone during the news conference, calling for all sides to "abandon Cold War-style thinking" so as to resolve tensions and stressing the "most urgent issue for now is to prevent tensions on the Korean Peninsula."
   During the summit talks behind closed doors, however, Wen said that China has been strongly urging Pyongyang to refrain from additional provocations since last month's rocket launch, according to Kim Tae-hyo, a senior security aide to President Lee.
   China is usually reluctant to openly criticize North Korea. Beijing is the North's last-remaining major ally that provides the isolated nation with crucial economic aid and diplomatic support. Experts say China dreads any instability in North Korea as it could hurt its economic and political interests.
   The three countries also signed two other cooperation agreements, one of them on agricultural cooperation and the other on preventing desertification of forests and protecting wildlife.
   Later in the day, Lee held one-on-one summits with Wen and Noda.
   South Korea, China and Japan have held an annual three-way summit since 1999 on the sidelines of regional summits organized by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Since 2008, the sides have also held another regular summit that rotates among the three countries, and Sunday's meeting was the fifth.

A dark age with out freedom of press

North Korea has once more been nominated as the country with worst freedom of press, religion, and expression.
North Korea oppresses information, and even the media that's being used for state propagandas are under heavy surveillance and control of the state. The internet is heavily restricted to the very few. There is almost no exchange with the outside world.
The reason for the oppression is freedom of press will hinder maintaining the oppressive regime. So, they control the media by only praising Kim Jong Un, and hide all the important things from its people.
I feel sorry for the North Korean people who are living in a dark age without freedom of press.

Big Bang wins at Best Fan award at 2012 MTV Italy

Big Bang won Best Fan award at 2012 MTV TRL Awards at Italy May 5th.
The TMV TRL Awars began in 2006 to honor Italy's most favored artists and their music videos in the industry, and Big Bang became the first Asian singer to win the award.
The 'Best Fan' category of the awards is decided by online voting of worldwide fans.
Other nominees in the same category were world stars such as pop star Avril Lavigne, famous idol group One Direction, and more.
Big Bang last year have won 'Best Worldwide Act' back in November at MTV's 2011 Europe Music Awards.
If you're wondering why they are so popular...
Check out their music videos.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

S. Korea set to launch multipurpose satellite next week

South Korea will launch a multipurpose satellite equipped with a high-resolution camera that can provide detailed meteorological observations of the earth from a Japanese space center next week, the government said Tuesday.

   The Arirang 3 satellite is scheduled to lift off at 1:39 a.m. on May 18 from the launch pad at the Tanegashima Space Center located south of Kyushu Island, the Ministry of Science and Technology said.

   The satellite has an electro-optical camera with a resolution of around 70 centimeters that can give Seoul the ability to take precise pictures of weather front developments and the planet's surface. The satellite is expected to stay operational for four years and can also be used to enhance national security, cope with natural disasters, better manage resources and monitor the environment.

   The 980-kilogram satellite will be placed in a low orbit 685 kilometers from earth's surface by Japan's H-IIA rocket.

   The ministry said the Arirang 3, to be operated by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, will be the country's first high-resolution "sub-meter" satellite. At present, only a handful of countries in Europe and the United States have commercial satellites with such high resolution.

   The government spent 286.6 billion won (US$252.3 million) on the satellite building project that began in 2004. Korean Air Lines Co., Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd., Doowon Heavy Industrial Co and Hanwha took part in the construction.

   Seoul currently has the Arirang 3 multi-purpose satellite with a one-meter resolution camera in orbit along with the Chollian geostationary communication and ocean observation unit. 
The country plans to put five other satellites into orbit in the future such as the Arirang 3A, the Arirang 5 and Science and Technology Satellite 3. 

You are punished because you deserve it!!

Recently, UN security council put three NK state firms, Amroggang Development Banking Corporation, Green Pine Associated Corporation, and Korea Heunjing Trading Company, on sanctions black list over the country's rocket launch by freezing assets against the three enterprises that are financing and organizing NK's missile and nuclear programs.
UN security council resolution 1874, adopted in year 2009, demands NK to stop all actions of launching ballistic missiles, ban trading with related weapon systems, and in violation, economic and military sanctions will be imposed.
Although imposing furthre economic sanctions on NK, which is already very economically isolated, would be harsh, this sanction will ultimately lead to a safer Han peninsula, and a safer world.
If NKorean regime proceeds with the nuclear test, and does not make efforts to change their attitudes, appropriate measures have to be taken. Now, it's up to NK to choose their future.
The only 'right' way would be to abandon the nuclear test and threats against SK. If they don't like and approve of the UN sanctions, they should first ask why the sanctions are there in the first place.

NK threatening SK by jamming GPS signals

North Korea's GPS jamming against civilian aircraft is being continued for a week. Due to the GPS attack, 329 Korean aircraft and 14 foreign aircraft, and 1 US military aircraft have been affected.
Fortunately, none of the flights were in danger because planes can use other navigation devices like the very-high frequency omni-directional range and inertial navigation systems.
This is an unprecedented indiscriminate attack worldwide caused by the world's menace, NK.
Not only did NK fire rockets despite wide-spread criticism, but they are attacking civilian flights, which is an act of terrorism.
Despite the bombardment of Korea's Yonpyong island, NK is not even apologizing and attacking civilian flights...
When will they ever gain sanity...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Luxury hotels at 2012 Yeosu Expo

This is one of six luxury hotels that opened in Yeosu early this year ahead of the 2012 Expo in the South Korean port city, 455 kilometers south of Seoul. The number will increase to 11, with five hotels located within a one-hour driving distance from the city, providing a total of 1,299 rooms. Reservations are available via the official homepage of the 2012 Yeosu Expo ( The Expo takes place from May 12 through Aug. 12 under the theme, "The Living Ocean and Coast." More than 100 nations are expected to participate.

Source : Yonhap News Agency

N. Korea faxes propaganda messages to S. Korean groups

 North Korea has sent faxed messages to 13 South Korean civic and religious organizations in recent weeks to criticize South Korea's alleged insult to the North's dignity, an official said Tuesday.
   The messages came in response to South Korea's accusation that the North wasted millions of dollars on celebrating the centennial of the April 15 birth of the country's late founder Kim Il-sung, the grandfather of current leader Kim Jong-un.
   South Korea has said the North should have used the money to buy much-needed food for its 24 million people.
   Some South Koreans have recently held anti-Pyongyang events in Seoul.
   One of the messages claimed that Seoul's insult to the North is a provocation by conservative forces to win the presidential election in December, according to the official who is familiar with the issue.
   South Korean President Lee Myung-bak's single five-year term ends early next year and by law, he cannot seek re-election. North Korea has repeatedly condemned Lee as a traitor and called for his ouster in an apparent protest of his hard-line policy toward Pyongyang.
   The latest faxed messages came as Pyongyang has threatened to launch special military actions to reduce Seoul to ashes in minutes over Seoul's defamation of the North's leader.

Source : Yonhap News Agency

Gov't plans to buoy domestic demand amid global woes

  The government plans to bolster domestic consumption and fuel the country's overall economic buoyancy to cope with mounting global market uncertainties, the finance ministry said Tuesday.
   In its monthly "green book" report, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance said that economic data in such areas as industrial production, retails, business investment and construction all backtracked in March.
   Industrial production, a key barometer of economic health, contracted 3.1 percent in the cited month from February, with retail sales falling 2.7 percent in the same period. Facility investments and money poured into the construction sector fell by 7 percent and 1.8 percent, respectively, in March compared to the month before.
   It also said persistent eurozone woes fueled by the downgrading of Spain's sovereign rating, sluggish economic recovery in the United States and slowdown in growth in China, South Korea's largest export market, all raised worries.
   "Seoul will keep close tabs on both overseas and local developments and take steps to revive business investment and domestic consumption in the future," the ministry said.
   On the positive side, the ministry said exports have been able to move forward despite unfavorable foreign market conditions, which allowed the country to maintain its net trade surplus this year. It added that both consumer and producer prices have fallen in April from a year earlier alleviating earlier inflationary concerns.
   Consumer and producer prices gained just 2.5 percent and 2.4 percent, respectively, in the cited month vis-a-vis the previous year.
   The ministry also said that improvements in the domestic job market are helping to raise expectations of sustained growth. Such developments, it said, must be maintained to offset negative economic indicators.
   The government predicted Asia's fourth largest economy will grow 3.7 percent in 2012, with growth to be focused mainly in the second half. In the first quarter, the country's gross domestic product grew a modest 2.8 percent on-year.

Source : Yonhap News Agency

Monday, May 7, 2012

S.Korea's trade with China lags far behind Japan

South Korea's trade with China lagged behind Japan in the first quarter of this year due to fierce competition from a rival exporting country in the world's most populous market, a Chinese government report showed Tuesday. 
Trade between South Korea and China reached US$60.3 billion in the January-March period, compared with Tokyo's trade volume of $79.4 billion with Beijing, according to the report by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.
   Taiwan, the majority of whose exports overlap with the South Korean exports, saw its trade with China reach $35.1 billion in the same period.
   The data, however, did not show the respective figures for imports and exports. 
South Korea, Japan and Taiwan have been closely competing in China, especially in the categories of electronics, technology products and parts.
   For all of 2011, South Korea's exports to China were worth $162.7 billion, while its imports were worth $82.9 billion.
   Japan exported to China $194.6 billion worth products and services, with its imports from China reaching $148.3 billion.
   Taiwan recorded $124.9 billion in exports last year and $35.1 billion in imports.

Source : Yonhap News Agency

China to stop aid if NK proceeds with 3rd nuke test

World media NK experts believe NK will proceed with the 3rd nuclear test in order to make up for the failed missile launch.
NK last 13th have tested a missile launch amidst widespread criticism from China, Korea, US and Russia.
Recently, China has been put in a awkward position due to NK's disorderly actions.
As the situation worsens, Hu Jintao, China's leader, is voicing discontent, and have announced that China would stop all aid of oil, food, and necessities, if NK proceeds with the nuclear test.
China had NK's back in SK-NK relation and in the international society. However, China no longer feels the need to side with Kim Jong Un. There are even rumors that Kim Jong Il's eldest son, Kim Jong Nam may take over the NK regime.
Kim Jong Un should notice that ignoring China's recent warnings and proceeding with the 4rd nulcear test will not only lead to the destruction of the regime itself, but also the end of NK.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Exposing the worst place on earth

A United States NGO called North Korean Human Rights Organization exposed the cruel reality of human rights violation at North Korean concentration camps through the interviews of 60 North Koreans, consisting of former prisoners and guards of the camps.
Currently there are 150,000 people imprisoned in these camps, who are going through unimaginable torture and brutality every single day. The reality of this despicable crime is shocking countless people around the world.
Examples of the North Korean government's merciless violation of human rights include imprisoning even the parents and children of the so-called 'political criminals' into the concentration camps and forcefully aborting babies of pregnant mothers for defecting out of North Korea. Camp guards won't hesitate to murder infants or children.
The North Korean government pitifully tries to cover up the truth about their concentration camps, but we are certain, based on proven fact, that there are about 150,000 to 200,000 people still imprisoned in these camps.
In order to continue his pitiful dynasty, Kim Jong Un imposes these inhumanely methods. That is exactly why the world looks down on him.

A Living, Breathing Ocean, Yeon-Ahn

Yeo-Soo, a mesmerizing port city filled with natural beauty, is hosting a 3 month long Yeosoo Expo (5.12~8.12) in 2012, and it is more than prepared to welcome its guests.
The reason why the 2012 Yeosoo Expo is gaining so much attention is because of its unique theme 'The Living Ocean and Coast', and its emphasis the 'Unity of Sea and Land, Humanity and Nature, Past and Future'.
2012 Yeosoo Expo will host 100 nations worldwide as well as 5 international organizations for 93 days. Each day is packed with 40 different "Ocean Concerts, Festivals and Events", totaling up to 3,700 different experiences. Yeosoo is expecting 8 million people from all around the world for this Expo.
The Korean government and Yeosoo City are taking extra measures to ensure everyone's stay at Korea is an exceptional one. The Korean express railroad KTX, Korea's various airlines, Korea's road infrastructure and housing are all more than ready to welcome and impress the guests from around the world.

Well-being Makgeolli Ad appears at Times Square

After last year's Bibimbop ad and Dokdo ad featured at Times Square, a Well-being Makgeolli ad appeared on the electronic display at Times Square and is garnering a lot of attention.
 Makgeolli is promoted as a "tasty, healthy, massively popular traditional Korean alocoholic beverage made from rice that will give you an amazing time".
 A product of natural fermentation, Makgeolli is packed with fiber, nutrients and health-friendly minerals that have multiple health benefits and is scientifically proven to prevent obesity and act as antioxidents and antiflammatory agents.
 Korean's traditional wine Makgeolli..
You can easily find it at your local store.
If you want to have a taste of Korea, why don't you give Makgeolli a try.