Monday, May 28, 2012

The truth behind North Korean car number plates

After Kim Jong-Un took hold of the North Korean regime, the number plate with 727 on cars is becoming increasingly common in Pyeongyang.
In the past, the number 216 was popular. 216 is Kim Jong-Il's birthday. Now, the number 216 is gone and 727 is the fad.
727 is the day of the Armistice Agreement of the Korean War!
This change is believed to emphasize to China the legitimacy of Kim Jong-Un's regime in North Korea by reminding the Chinese of their participation in the Korean War.
If North Korea wants to make closer ties with China, North Korea must stop provocations, missile and nuclear tests. It is just immature and foolish that North Korea is going to hard way, while they have the choice of the easier and rational way.

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