Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Living, Breathing Ocean, Yeon-Ahn

Yeo-Soo, a mesmerizing port city filled with natural beauty, is hosting a 3 month long Yeosoo Expo (5.12~8.12) in 2012, and it is more than prepared to welcome its guests.
The reason why the 2012 Yeosoo Expo is gaining so much attention is because of its unique theme 'The Living Ocean and Coast', and its emphasis the 'Unity of Sea and Land, Humanity and Nature, Past and Future'.
2012 Yeosoo Expo will host 100 nations worldwide as well as 5 international organizations for 93 days. Each day is packed with 40 different "Ocean Concerts, Festivals and Events", totaling up to 3,700 different experiences. Yeosoo is expecting 8 million people from all around the world for this Expo.
The Korean government and Yeosoo City are taking extra measures to ensure everyone's stay at Korea is an exceptional one. The Korean express railroad KTX, Korea's various airlines, Korea's road infrastructure and housing are all more than ready to welcome and impress the guests from around the world.

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