Sunday, May 6, 2012

Well-being Makgeolli Ad appears at Times Square

After last year's Bibimbop ad and Dokdo ad featured at Times Square, a Well-being Makgeolli ad appeared on the electronic display at Times Square and is garnering a lot of attention.
 Makgeolli is promoted as a "tasty, healthy, massively popular traditional Korean alocoholic beverage made from rice that will give you an amazing time".
 A product of natural fermentation, Makgeolli is packed with fiber, nutrients and health-friendly minerals that have multiple health benefits and is scientifically proven to prevent obesity and act as antioxidents and antiflammatory agents.
 Korean's traditional wine Makgeolli..
You can easily find it at your local store.
If you want to have a taste of Korea, why don't you give Makgeolli a try.

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