Tuesday, May 29, 2012

29 years for the Korean president to present condolence flowers!

Myanmar Rangoon bombing was an assassination attempt against Chun Doo-hwan, the then-President of South Korea, allegedly orchestrated by North Korea. During the visit, president Chun planned to lay a wreath at the Martyrs' Mausoleum to commemorate Aung San, who found the independent Myanmar and was assassinated in 1947. The assassination attempt resulted in 21 people dead and 46 people wounded.

After the bombing, Myanmar suspended diplomatic relations with North Korea, and heavily regulated foreign visits.

  29 years after the incident, president Lee Myung-bak visited Aung San Mausoleum to commemorate the deceased hero of Myanmar.
 From this visit we hope for Myanmar to cut ties with North Korea, democratize the country, and work hard for economic development.

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