Wednesday, May 2, 2012

IUCN admits the validity of Jeju Naval Base construction

The validity of Korea's Jeju naval base construction was brought into light and controversy for a few years. The IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, have stated that the construction of Jeju naval base is inevitable.
 Korea and has closely examined the validity of the naval base as a means of competing with naval power of surrounding nations, controversy of Ieodo, illegal fishing activities of Chinese ships, and protection of the national security, and selected Gangjung as the ideal place for naval base.
 At the moment, Lee MB administration has made several adjustments to the original naval base outlines by changing the base as a both civi and military compound harbor. However, few environmentalists, religious groups, leftists, and the Democratic Party are strongly opposing the construction, and hindering the processes.
 Over the past few years, Korea's major national projects efforts have been thwarted by pro-NK leftists, Democratic Party as a means of gaining political interests, with logic full of contradictions. This causes conflicts within Korea, and is putting the society in a mess.
 The IUCN declared that Jeju naval base construction is an inevitable benefit to Korea in the environmental, economic, social, and political aspects. I hope that others can respect the IUCN's declaration.

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  1. so how is it beneficial? What are their pros for another base? Loss of soverienty? Illegal fishing activities of Chinese ships? Korea cant arm themselves still in 2012? Korea is high tech and has money now, its ridiculous to have U.S. bases for over 60 years and to continue to be a colony. This is a Korean shame.