Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another Trouble Maker, China

Recently, China and Philippines have been fighting over Scarborough island in South China Sea. Historically, the island has been Philippine territory, and nobody dared to deny that fact.
However, from an unknown point in time, China has been claiming that the island is Chinese territory, and recently, the Chinese government banned Philippine fishermen from approaching the island.
At the moment, China is making a similar situation with Korean island... The Ieodo...
Historically, Ieodo is Korean territory, but China is claming that Ieodo is Chinese territory for security and economic reasons.
China has territory disputes with a total of 14 countries.
If China wants to be a powerful nation, it has to act like one, and not bully other countries, and create bunch of unnecessary conflicts.
How can we call such a country a G2 nation?

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  1. what you say is not true. You need to study your countries constitution 1935, it has declared the boundary of Phillipines clearly.