Monday, May 28, 2012

North Korea, repatriate all abductees ASAP!!

In a rare incident where North Korea commented on the fate of missing South Koreans, the North stated that the daughter of Tonyeong, Shin Suk-Ja, who gained media attention due to the signature-seeking campaign efforts, has died of hepatitis. There are six more families have submitted petitions to the UN for an inquiry of the abducted South Koreans.
However, unlike Shin Suk-Ja, the other abductees are not gaining the social interest, and are being forgotten, and ignored. The families of the abductees spend everyday in anxiety without knowing the fate of their loved ones.
In fact, regardless of the social interest, the problem of North Korean abductees is a painful incident for the families.
We urge the international society to no longer connive inhumanity of North Korea, and step up to relieve the pain of the abductee families.

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