Thursday, May 10, 2012

You are punished because you deserve it!!

Recently, UN security council put three NK state firms, Amroggang Development Banking Corporation, Green Pine Associated Corporation, and Korea Heunjing Trading Company, on sanctions black list over the country's rocket launch by freezing assets against the three enterprises that are financing and organizing NK's missile and nuclear programs.
UN security council resolution 1874, adopted in year 2009, demands NK to stop all actions of launching ballistic missiles, ban trading with related weapon systems, and in violation, economic and military sanctions will be imposed.
Although imposing furthre economic sanctions on NK, which is already very economically isolated, would be harsh, this sanction will ultimately lead to a safer Han peninsula, and a safer world.
If NKorean regime proceeds with the nuclear test, and does not make efforts to change their attitudes, appropriate measures have to be taken. Now, it's up to NK to choose their future.
The only 'right' way would be to abandon the nuclear test and threats against SK. If they don't like and approve of the UN sanctions, they should first ask why the sanctions are there in the first place.

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