Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Escape for Survival, However...

Recently select groups of the Chinese media reported that the Chinese government will no longer send captured North Korean defectors back to North Korea. However, this news article proved to be false information.
It is widely known that North Korean defectors will face brutal punishment once they are sent back to North Korea. There are numerous human rights movements all over the world that are against sending these defectors back to North Korea, but China are just covering their ears and ignoring the plea from the international community.
Just two months ago when sending back North Korean defectors to North Korea was garnering a lot of attention, China maintained their position that the defectors defected due to financial reasons and therefore cannot be recognized as refugees. However once these defectors are sent back to North Korea, the North Korean leadership will order the defectors and three generations of their families to be executed. This brutal punishment is enough for them to be considered as refugees, and according to the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, we believe North Korean defectors deserve protection.
They escaped to simply survive. Please do not crush their hope for the future.

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