Monday, May 14, 2012

Korea, China, Japan trilateral talks, a milestone of cooperation?

President Lee Myung Bak is visiting China for 3 days to participate in the 5th Korea, China, Japan trilateral summit.
The three countries, at the summit, agreed to start free-trade talks this year.
The three nations consist of the one-fifth of the world's total GDP, and one-sixth of world's trade volume. If the FTA is concluded, it will bring economic benefits to all three countries.
Also, the three voiced to urge North Korea to refrain from further provocations, and nuclear tests.
The three nation leaders agreed upon the need for a new measure to deter North Korea's threats, and affirmed that further provocations, and nuclear tests is intolerable.
Anyways we hope that the summit will be a base for the three countries' development and cooperation to a better world.

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