Wednesday, August 28, 2013

the kinds of Nkorean women's underwear

It is said that Nkorean women's brassiere size is very simple. its types are virgin and pregnant woman only. Recently, Nkorean women can buy several sizes of brassieres big and Midium, Small in Jangmadang(an illegal small market of Nkorea) even many types of chinese underwears are flowed into Nkorea. Nkorean women should repress their desires because Nkorea criticizes that people finding well-fitting underwears is influenced by capitalism. Nkorean women, especially Nkorean virgins are suffuring from deficiency of nutrition so they don't need bigger size. Who deprives them of the right to live as an woman.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Who is the outdoor poo in ApRok river for?

Who is the outdoor poo in ApRok river for? Nkorea is building an out door pool in the north of ApRok riverside. it shows Nkorea is changing. Especially, there are chinese cruises passing at a little(about 30~40m) way off from the pool. Nkorea is propagating they are making several amusement parks in all over the country as a part of 'Prioritizig to love the the north korean people' but it is just a show and nothing to do with people's living. In fact, there is an amusment park near the pool but it is opened in the special days only like kim il sung, kim jong il, kom jong un's birth day. Who these facilities are for?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Syria's government forces massacred civilians

Syria's government forces massacred civilians with chemical weapons. This's been a terrible tragedy since Hussein killed about 5000 peoples in kurd village with same way. North korea has a chemical weapon too. It can't be forgiven for either iraq or Nkorea to use chemical weapons. Using chemical wepons is out of the international humanitarian law

"Bare footed Gen"

I came across "bare footed Gen(A japanese comic book)". This book had good reviews and was elected as a recommended book. Gen shows the situation of second world war very well and had critical view about japanese army and the japanese emperor. I would like to read this book more and more but it was banned for kids to read this book by japanese government and japanese far-rightists. Are you afraid that children know the truth of past affairs? This anime is little bit creepy but i can feel how much brutal japan and the world was.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nkorea's extraordinary jobs

Recently, extraordinary jobs are increasing in Nkorea. First is a ranger who takes care of the kim family's state. Their main task is mowing the grass around the statues. Kim jong un liked the grass in the days of studying abroad so he forced them to turf. Second is an elevator operator. Their main task is operating elevators but they should delivery gas and water to peoples being of high status for Nkorea's frequent blackout. Nkorea can't take responsibility on people's living. Their extraordinary jobs are not special things but compulsory things. Their jobs are a sign of struggle to survive.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jong in "Love is"

I should forget and let you go now
I will leave traces with our connection and sad memories in my mind.

I knew our last, i had a hunch but i pushed ahead our love.
but i'm ok, i don't regret.

Love left a scar on me but let me know how to smile,
and gave me the reason that i had to live.

so, love came and went in my mind. Love is.

Maybe, love comes again for me, if it comes, i won't be painful like that time.
Because you already let me know what love is, it'll be easy for me to love next time.

Love left a scar on me but let me know how to smile,
and gave me the reason that i had to live,
and also let me know what despair is.

Love let me know these all things.

Love showed me together,
farewell left me loneliness,
Love let me know to approach,
farewell let me know to let you go.

Love let me know these all things.
these all things.

China takes back nkorean refugees to North

Chinese government starts extradition proceedings to kim gwang ho who escaped from north korea two times. Kim was caught in china and his famly would be repatriated but they got free. Kim had an press interview in north korea when going to north again after his first defection, and he strongly blamed south korea and it's society. But that was proved to be untruth and plotted event by north. Meanwhile, chinese government announced that they will repatriate other two peoples accompanied by kim to the north. Because they are north korean. Once repatriated, they would endure opperssion of human rights. China must not to take them back to north.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

North korea's fake missile

On the 27th last month, North korea showed their intercontinental ballistic missile in the 60th anniversary celebration of the ceasefire agreement but it was found that missile was a mock-up. Because all of it's now focused on whether north korea succeed in developing ICBM, North korea would frighten the international society by showing a fake missile. North korea should be honest, There are no problems that can be solved with north korea's bluff. They must be a responsible country of the international society.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Crayon pop "bar bar bar"

In these days, Crayon pop(Korean female idol group) is so popular in korea. their music "bar bar bar" become the top of several kpop charts in 44 days from the released day(20th june). "bar bar bar" has a haunting melody and crayon pop is different with other idop girl groups. because they wear comic costumes and their performance is very creative. Korean people listend "bar bar bar" said that the song is always on my mind and cute, showing diverse responsed.

Comfort women camp