Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Japan's ridiculous recommendation to make the shipyard an world heritage

According to japanese major press, Japanese government made a decision to recommend Mitsubishi shipyard in Nagasaki as an world heritage officially. In pacific war, korean workers conscripted forcefully went into building warships in there and a half of them were killed by the atom bomb. it is ridiculous that the place with neighboring countries' resentment can be an world heritage, and also that is not suit for universal values and the world heritage's purpose. Japan's this action is inhumane and a kind of history distortions.

Recent public execution is for Lee sul ju

Recently, the rumour about lee sul ju is being reported by international press. it came from the fact that 9 people who belong to NK representative art organizations made porn videos. They said lee sul ju led a disorderly too while NK police was tapping. After kim jong un knew this, he ordered their public execution and it was committed shortly in last Aug. For this, all of their family was sent to political prisoner camps. They may live their for the rest of their life. NK that killed 9 people easily to hide lee sul ju's scandal makes the world people surprised.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Empty eyes

My favorite song. so sweet. Whenever i listen to this song, i'm in mood to travel beautiful places.
This song is composed by Kanno yoko, she is a famous japanse artist to make animation, movie, game ost. "Empty eyes" is

Can u smell capitalism



Friday, September 6, 2013

Nkorean prodigies

The country that has many prodigies really exists? Kang eun ju heating up youtube played guitar bigger than her body proficiently. Her video became an worldwide sensation. Nkorea is overflowed with prodigies in really? Surprisingly that is only half true and all of them aren't innate prodigies. They are made in strict preference not regarding their free will. Nkorea has the boys kingdoms(Nkorean education center) in each district those are constructed in obedience to Kim il sung who thought children of the country’s king and used to make children fake prodigies. The kingdoms are specialized in art fields but every boys can't enter in there even there are a lots of Nkorean clever children. In Nkorea, children are needed to get tests to join and tests are learning by heart music, perfecting pitch, capability playing piano. Even if children passes these tests and they can’t take an easy way, After the tests, they must get an intensive training. I hope that Nkorean young children can follow their dreams and talents beyond oppressive and artificial making prodigies Nkorean system.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Road of War

Murayama is mad at Abe

Murayama doichi, former japan's prime minister inserted contribution on People's daily that Abe cabinet is trying to amend Murayama statement and the wave of the rightwing trend in Japanese society is increasing.he criticized both. Murayama is a person to declare 'Murayama statement' on 50th anniversary of the end of second world war(1995.8.15). the statement contains that japan acknowledges and apologizes for its past. If abe succeeded to it, the international society could be much friendly to Japan and could have liquidated the vestiges of japanese imperialism like germany. Abe claiming to right wing extremism, didn't acknowledge and apologize for past affairs, And what's worse is that he is trying to revise pacific constitution that makes japan as war criminal not to have army. It was a japan's promise with the world. Now japan is going to break it.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Kim jong un's mini-skirted robot army

This picture is on U.K dailymail's Aug 29th article "Kim jong un's mini-skirted robot army" Don't they look like real robots? Nkorean female soldiers who get training and performing their duty like men range from 120,000 between 480,000. After taking intensive training they are mobilized for ostentation of Kim jong un's power. How much harsh training do they receive to perform same motions like robots?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Nkorean Comedy with no lampoon

There are several comedies in Nkorea even it inspects the fields of art. Nkorean comedy falls into two parts one-act play which has a big story and just comedy. Nkorean comedies seek to natural laugh from daily life and have one thing in common. Those are focused on information delivery and different with other countries' comedies. Nkorean arts should be certificate U for sophistication so those aren't allowed to indicate social criticism and unwholesome ideas. Nkorean comedies that criticize U.S. and Korea are distinct from general comedies and hard to believe it real comedies.