Friday, September 6, 2013

Nkorean prodigies

The country that has many prodigies really exists? Kang eun ju heating up youtube played guitar bigger than her body proficiently. Her video became an worldwide sensation. Nkorea is overflowed with prodigies in really? Surprisingly that is only half true and all of them aren't innate prodigies. They are made in strict preference not regarding their free will. Nkorea has the boys kingdoms(Nkorean education center) in each district those are constructed in obedience to Kim il sung who thought children of the country’s king and used to make children fake prodigies. The kingdoms are specialized in art fields but every boys can't enter in there even there are a lots of Nkorean clever children. In Nkorea, children are needed to get tests to join and tests are learning by heart music, perfecting pitch, capability playing piano. Even if children passes these tests and they can’t take an easy way, After the tests, they must get an intensive training. I hope that Nkorean young children can follow their dreams and talents beyond oppressive and artificial making prodigies Nkorean system.

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