Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Murayama is mad at Abe

Murayama doichi, former japan's prime minister inserted contribution on People's daily that Abe cabinet is trying to amend Murayama statement and the wave of the rightwing trend in Japanese society is increasing.he criticized both. Murayama is a person to declare 'Murayama statement' on 50th anniversary of the end of second world war(1995.8.15). the statement contains that japan acknowledges and apologizes for its past. If abe succeeded to it, the international society could be much friendly to Japan and could have liquidated the vestiges of japanese imperialism like germany. Abe claiming to right wing extremism, didn't acknowledge and apologize for past affairs, And what's worse is that he is trying to revise pacific constitution that makes japan as war criminal not to have army. It was a japan's promise with the world. Now japan is going to break it.

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