Monday, May 7, 2012

China to stop aid if NK proceeds with 3rd nuke test

World media NK experts believe NK will proceed with the 3rd nuclear test in order to make up for the failed missile launch.
NK last 13th have tested a missile launch amidst widespread criticism from China, Korea, US and Russia.
Recently, China has been put in a awkward position due to NK's disorderly actions.
As the situation worsens, Hu Jintao, China's leader, is voicing discontent, and have announced that China would stop all aid of oil, food, and necessities, if NK proceeds with the nuclear test.
China had NK's back in SK-NK relation and in the international society. However, China no longer feels the need to side with Kim Jong Un. There are even rumors that Kim Jong Il's eldest son, Kim Jong Nam may take over the NK regime.
Kim Jong Un should notice that ignoring China's recent warnings and proceeding with the 4rd nulcear test will not only lead to the destruction of the regime itself, but also the end of NK.

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