Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jang Seong-taek returns empty-handed

Jang Seong-taek visited China for billion dollar of aid, but returned empty-handed. Premier Wen Jiabao gave an admonition to the point that North Korea's regressive system is preventing economic growth.
North Korea must adhere to China's advices. If North Korea does not change the current system, economic development will be difficult. Although North Korea decided to abandon planned economy, as long as North Korea's attitude does not change, economic reform is just vain words.
There is a reason why many world renown companies are reluctant to invest in North Korea. North Korea took over all the assets without consent from South Korean companies invested in Keumkang mountain.
The world has seen this process, so unless the whole board of directors are insane, no sane company in the world would invest in North Korea unless North Korea changes. North Korea must abandon the current inappropriate policies from communism and socialism, and implement a democratic order that can support a market economy to have a successful economic reform.

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