Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cupid's Arrow Strikes Winning Archers

I was shocked this morning when I read this article about two gold medal-winning archers, Ki Bo Bae and Oh Jin-hyek.
A romance that has blossomed between two gold-medal-winning archers at the Olympics in London has grabbed the attention of the Korean media. 
Oh Jin-hyek, who became the first Korean archer to win the men's individual gold, and Ki Bo-bae, a double gold medalist after she grabbed both the individual and team events, revealed that they are romantically involved. 
They began dating while preparing for the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, but kept the news out of the public eye so it would not serve as a distraction from their careers.
Ki ran away with the women's individual title on Saturday, earning her second medal in the British capital. The next day Oh competed in the men's individual final and Ki watched with an anxious expression on her face, although her face lit up when Oh turned and gave her a big thumbs-up as soon as he clinched the gold. 
At a press conference after the event, Oh said, "Ki and I have a very good relationship. We're not yet thinking specifically about marriage at this point, but if things keep going well after we return to Korea, that may well be on the cards one day."
Well they already received a gold medal at the Olympics, and are at the pinnacle of the archery world. I hope they can encourage and motivate each other to do better in the future, and be a successful couple that everybody envies.
I think I already envy them... TT

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  1. He must be a really nice guy, because looking from the outside in, she could do a lot better.