Thursday, August 2, 2012

North Korea not gonna change any time soon...

As North Korea's Kim Jong-un's appearance with the accompaniment of Ri Sol-ju increased, people are starting to think that North Korea is in the verge of change.
Reform and open-door policies? Kim Jong-un's recent actions is just a show he put on to stop sanctions and get international aid.
As Kim Jong-un came into power, the human rights violation has peaked. Borderline security has been reinforced to prevent the incoming exchange of outside information.
Moreover, they are making false accusations against the US and the ROK for the terror incident on Kim Il-sung statue, and threatening that they would take revenge through terror movements against North Korean activists, and North Korean defectors.
Just because Kim Jong-un got rid of Ri Yong-ho doesn't mean that he's abandoning military-first policies, and adopt a people-first policy. So don't get your hopes up. North Korea's reform, and open door policy is Kim Jong-un's shallow trick.

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