Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yeosu Expo Ends

The three big world events of is the Olympics, the World Cup and the 2012 Yeosu Expo. Well, the Yeosu Expo ended on the 12th after a long 93 day run. When I first heard the city of Yeosu, I thought it was just a small provincial city of Korea with a population of 300 thousand people with poor infrastructure. So I thought it would be difficult to have 8 million visitors. However, it turns out the expo was quite successful.
The Yeosu Expo conveys the theme 'The Living Ocean and Coast' aimed to shed light on humankind's knowledge and advancement of technology concerning the ocean and coast and identify ways to resolve challenges facing the ocean. There were many interesting Pavilions such as the Marine Civilization & City Pavilion, DSME Marine Robot Pvilion, Korea Pavilion, Aquarium, Energy Park, Sky Towers, which caught my eyes.
Moreover, there were discounts on foreign visitors. They also organized cruise tours, and used extensive marketing methods to bring-in foreign tourists, which gave the result of 400 thousand foreign visitors. Such a successful outcome tells the high quality of the Expo, and the well-planned out Expo directed by the Koreans.

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