Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kim Jong-un, soon to be most-wanted on Interpol

The Spanish National Court, Audiencia Nacional will summon Kim Jong-un this September on charges of genocide and inhumane acts.
* The Spanish National Court issued an arrest warrant for Augusto Pinochet, Chilean dictator for genoicde and inhumane acts in 1998.
The Spanish National Court's summon will be delivered to North Korea's UN ambassador at Geneva. If Kim Jong-Un does not does not object to the summon, and turns down the summon, an arrest warrant is issued after six weeks. If an arrest warrant is issued, Kim Jong-Un becomes the most-wanted on Interpol's list, which will restrict foreign visits.
After Kim Jong-un's regime, there has been no efforts to stop inhumane acts, and there were no signs of reform... There only exists control and persecution of its people.
North Koreans' human rights worsened as cruel tortures are widespread...
And they are abducting Japanese, Korean, and even Dutch people...
They are not only trampling on their own people's human rights, but also harming people of other nations. I assent to the Spanish National Court's summoning of Kim Jong-un to bring him under international justice.

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