Thursday, August 23, 2012

Comfort women? No, it's sexual slavery.

Just gonna write randomly regarding the comfort women issue...
US House of Representatives passed House Resolution 121, a resolution about comfort women in July 30, 2007. Hilary Clinton US secretary of State used the words 'forced prostitution' and 'enforced sex slaves' to describe the comfort women issue. This implies that the comfort women indeed is a serious crime act. Japan should sincerely apologize and repent.
And in 2007, professor Hayashi of Kanto University found documents that provide proof that Japan coerced women into sexual slavery at the Tokyo Univeristy library. The Japanese government must stop denying their shameful past and repent for their sins like Germany.

Moreover, there are testimonies and evidence that are consistent with the historical facts that Japan has enforced comfort women into sexual slavery. What more evidence other than this does Japan need? I find Japan's request for evidence as outrageous.
How can a nation that disregard women's basic rights call itself an advanced country? Or an ally? Japan needs give more thought to their actions.
And you know what? Japan forced sexual slavery of the comfort women from not only Korea, but from various regions of Asia-Pacific where Japanese troops were stationed. Dutch women living in Indonesia were put to sexual slavery, too. These comfort women are still living with painful memories. Can Japan compensate for the damages? I frankly don't think that it is even possible to compensate for the things the comfort women went through.

And this is just a side note, but if Japan wants to be a permanent member of the UN, it must be a nation fit to take on the burden of the responsibility. If Japan turn its back and deny its past, the future of Japan will be dim.

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