Thursday, August 16, 2012

North Korea's efforts to revive the economy

Recently North Korea has been showing efforts to revive the economy.
North Korea sent a group of 50 representatives, headed by Jang Seong-taek, to China to reinforce economic cooperation between the two countries.
However, I really wonder if North Korea will abandon their past and completely change into a country with reforms and open-door policies.
NOt only did North Korea not pay back the debt from South Korea, but they also provoked using missile launches and nuclear test threats. North Korea is an untrustworthy nation. North Korea still shows no sign of change in the economic cooperation between South Korea.
China's heavily invested in North Korea, but all the investments turned out to be huge losses because North Korea decided to notify a one-sided termination of contract.
North Korea should show the international community that they truly changed before sending a representative to China to beg for aid. And finally, please to not jump to conclusions that North Korea really did change for reforms and open-door policies. It is all just a show to get what they want.

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