Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Japan troublemaker

Japan is creating conflict between Russia and Korea with their territorial dispute in Kuril Islands, and Dokdo. Defense of Japan White paper has brought the problem up for years claiming that Russia and Korea are illegally occupying Japanese land. Due to Japan's ridiculous claim, anti-Japanese sentiment is growing in Korea.
However, Japan's claims lack persuasion. In the case of Kuril islands, president Medvedev visited Kunashir island in 2010, but Japan did not give any special reaction. They merely expressed that the visit was a shame.
In the case of Dokdo island, Japan's claim lack evidence. This is because Dokdo was occupied Korea since 1953 in civil aspect, and to maintain security. Dokdo was effectively Korean soil. At the moment two civilians and two civil workers live on Dokdo, and many visit the island daily for tours.
If Dokdo indeed was Japanese soil, and Korea indeed stole Japanese property, would Japan claim Dokdo only with words? They would've probably sent their Self-Defense Forces to remove Korean maintenance of the public order, and occupied the island with troops. If we consider the current situation, Japan's claim of the Kuril islands and Dokdo is merely a reflection of Japan's ambition to steal other's territory.

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