Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Worrisome Movements in North Korea

North Korea's recent movements are quite worrisome.
North Korea stated that its Chief of the General Staff because of illness, but the truth may be far from this. Nobody's gonna believe that the top military officer who controlled all of the North Korean military would not be relieved of all positions just because of an illness. Until now there are only two reasons for a leader of North Korea to be removed. It's either he was killed or purged.
The real reason Ri Yong-ho was purged is Ri criticized Kim Jong-Un's open door policies, and reforms. This criticism was confirmed when Choi Ryong-hae wiretapped Ri Yong-ho.
Unless Ri isn't an idiot, he knows that being purged means being sent to prison/labor camps. Would Ri have obediently go to the camps? Ri knows that he committed horrendous crimes to maintain Kim dictatorship, so he would've been reluctant to obey the orders.
Some reports claim that around 20 died in the process of arresting Ri Yong-ho, but I think much more than 20 have died.
The only reason to conceal lthe truth is to prevent chaos between the military and its people.
North Korea indeed is a scary place. If you say the wrong thing, you are either shot on sight or sent to correctional facility. I wonder how long Kim Jong-un can maintain his power.

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