Thursday, August 23, 2012

Japan's Domestic Politics Bring Havoc to East Asia

Japan's prime minister, Noda tries to take over Dokdo to gain popularity
The atmosphere between Korea and Japan on Dokdo is tense.
After President Lee Myung-bak visited Dokdo, and requested that the Japanese Emperor apologize for the comfort women issue, Japan has reacted fiercely.
Noda, prime minister of Japan, has a very low approval rating, so he wouldn't miss this chance.
He would react strongly against Dokdo to gain approval ratings.
Recently, Japan gathered foreign reporters and stated that Dokdo is Japanese territory and Noda sent a letter of complaint to President Lee for visiting Dokdo.
At the moment, Korea feels that there is no need to react to the jibber jabber of Japan because Dokdo is Korean territory and Japan has no right to criticize the Korean president for visiting Korean territory.
Dokdo has been under effective control of Korea since the past to the present days. In ancient maps and official documents Dokdo is shown as Korean territory, and the conscientious Japanese scholars admit this fact.
The Japanese politicians should stop making a show to gain approval ratings for their own political benefit, and admit that Dokdo is Korean territory. They should also repent and compensate for the past crimes they have committed through comfort women.
It's about time that Japan let go of its imperialistic dreams!

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