Wednesday, August 8, 2012


A billboard titled "Do You Hear?" urging the Japanese government for an apology to women it subjected to sexual slavery 70 years ago was set up on a highway billboard in Houston, Texas. In the billboard shows a photo of Korean elderly women who were 'comfort women' holding weekly meetings outside the Japanese Embassy in Seoul since 1992. The number of attendants to the gatherings has grown to more than 1000. So why did this phenomenon happen in the first place?
The reason is simple. It's all about the Japanese government's apology and compensation.
Although in 1995, Japan did aid in creating the Asian Women's Fund, it was a mere formality, and still refuses to compensate and apologize to individuals.
As a result, Korean-Americans are requesting sincere apology and compensation from the Japanese government. I, too, agree with the Korean-Americans. No matter how strong Japan is economically, if they do not admit their wrong-doings in the past, they cannot be respected in the international community.
Japan must solve the 'comfort women' problem ASAP, and stop itself from becoming a humiliation.

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