Thursday, October 4, 2012

Proud Youths of Korea

In Korea, military service is stated as one of the Four Constitutional Duties along with taxes, education, and labor for all citizens. The current conscription law, however, applies only to males. According to the legislation, military service is a constitutional duty, but for people with foreign permanent residency may postpone the military service until the age of 37, and once they are over 37, they are exempt of military services. Basically, foreign permanent residents are exempt from military service. However, it has been reported that the cumulative number of Koreans that have foreign permanent residency enlisting in the army has exceeded 1000. This accounts for 1% of the 110 thousand foreign permanent residents. These foreign permanent residents enlist to the Korean army to find their lost Korean roots through military duties. This very contradictory to the situation in North Korea where soldiers and the people desert their own country. I believe this is all a result of the difference in regimes and national power. 

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