Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nephew of Kim Jong-un, Kim Han-sol calls his uncle a dictator during interview

Kim Jong-il's teenage grandson said his uncle, new North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, is a dictator in a reare interview with a member of one of the world's most secretive ruling families. Kim Han-sol is the son of Kim Jong-il's eldest son Kim Jong-nam, who lost his sanding in the family after he was caught trying to sneak into Japan using a fake passport, wanting to visit Disneyland. The interview was done with Elisabeth Rehn, a former UN under-secretary general and special rapporteur for Human Rights in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Born in North Korea in 1995, he had a lonely childhood, spent mostly with his mother's family and was isolated from his grandfather and his uncle, both who he never met. Kim said of his uncle and his grandfather that he didn't know why they became dictators. Kim Han-sol says he visit North Korea about once a year, usually in the summer, and visits his relatives. However, the fact that he has never met his uncle or his grandfather implies there is structural issues in the Kim family. Moreover, when talking about his mother, he claimed that his mother was of a commoner by birth. A commoner? Although it hasn't been verified, yet, this implies that there is a social class system in North Korea. From Kim Han-sol's interview, we can learn how closed North Korea is.

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