Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kim Jong-un launches terror attaack on his own brother

South Korena government confirmed the spying charges against the unidentified man, saying he had arrived in South Korea in March posing as a refugee who had fled the North via China. The man had confessed to being part of a plot to stage a hit-and-run car accident in China in 2010 targeting Kim's eldest son, Kim Jong-nam. The indicted spy claims that he had spent 10 years as an undercover agent in China and was assigned to injure Kim Jong-nam and possibly bring him back to Pyongyang. At one point, he hired a taxi driver to carry out a hit-and-run, but the plot failed as Kim Jong-nam was away on an extended overseas visit. The spy was arrested after falsely defecting to South Korea with a mission to gather information on defectors from Korea. He was instructed to approach a North Korean defector heading an activist group for many other defectors in the South. His mission was to report on the large number of defectors already in the country and win them over to return to North Korea. Kim Jong-un has gone way too far to gain power. Only an insane person would kill his own brother for power.

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