Sunday, October 7, 2012

North Korea making a scapegoat out of South Korea

A senior North Korean diplomat on Monday warned of a nuclear war on the peninsula, saying it has become the most dangerous zone in the world. Addressing a UN General Assembly session under way here, North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Pak Kil-yon put the blame on South Korea's conservative government of Lee Myung-bak for the worst inter-Korean ties.
Since taking office, the current South Korean government led to the worst situations in North-South relations by making all inter-Korean agreements null and void, including the June 15 Joint Declaration and Oct. 4 Declaration.
Pak was referring to two inter-Korean summit deals in 2000 and 2007, which called for measures toward reconciliation on the peninsula and expansion of economic cooperation between the two Koreas. I really thought that an unification was near. Inter-Korean relations are said to be at the nadir amid North Korea's repeated provocative acts, highlighted by a nuclear test in 2009 and a couple of deadly attacks on the South that killed a total of 50 soldiers and civilians, since the Lee administration was inaugurated in 2008. I cannot agree with the remarks made by Pak. North Korea has to abandon its nuclear ambition and shift its focus to improving the livelihoods of its people. South Korea still hopes to improve relations with North Korea through dialogue if Pyongyang drops its pursuit of nuclear weapons. Moreover, it was North Korea that broke the deal and back stabbed everybody else. Everything's on North Korea, not on South Korea or the US. I wonder how many nations will ever take North Korea seriously if they make these ridiculous remarks.

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