Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Even Iran is mesmerized by K-food

I'm an avid fan of Korean foood. It is not only heathly, but also has a unique tasty feature. K-food is quite wide-spread in the US, but now it is being introduced to middle eastern countries like Iran. On the 8th Iran and South Korea celebrated the 50 year anniversary of Korea-Iran established diplomatic relations in Tehran. During the anniversary, Korea food festival 2012 was held, where more than 300 eminent Iranian persons from various circles gathered to try Korean food. The 100 kg worth of ingredients to the feast were all brought in from Korea, which made the food more delicious. Korean food now is becoming a culture trend in foreign coutnries. It's good to see that Korean culture, including K-pop and K-food is spreading around the world, making the world more diverse.

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