Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kim Jong-un's wife is South Korea Style

Chinese press reported Ri Sol-ju's fashion style as 'South Korean Style.' Ri Sol-ju took off the conventional long black skirts and white traditional clothes and chose a radically unconventional modern fashion. The opinions of foreign observers have so far been divided. For those oriented toward a darker view of the situation, Ri's imposing presence serves as yet another testimony of inadequacy of the country's new leadership. Nobody around the young dictator can point to the fact that the attire of his wife is highly inappropriate, showing off a designer handbag worth several annual salaries of a regular North Korean worker begs for dangerous parallels of Ri Sol-ju with Marie Antoinette. Some interpret Ri's sociability as a sign of progressiveness of the new North Korean leadership, but I doubt this. It is about time that North Korea show some real changes. Real changes where only the leaders have freedom, but where the ordinary North Korean have the equal opportunity be free.

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