Tuesday, October 30, 2012

North Korea taxing rice from starving people

Because of serious economic crisis, North Korea price level is very unstable. On October in Pyeongyang, a kilo of apple costs 6000 North Korea won, an egg cost 800 won, and a kilo of rice rose to 6500-7000 won. North Korean public worker income ranges from 3000 to 10000 won. With this, they are unable to buy a kilo of rice. They have already hit the rock bottom of socialist economic system. They gave up ration system, but it seems very unlikely and difficult for North Korea to turn things around. Recently, because of food shortages, North Korea soldiers suffered from malnutrition and went back home. North Korean authorities are collecting rice from the people under the name of patriotic rice. How can they give rice when they don't have any. The economic crisis and food shortage is all caused by Kim Jong-un's greed.

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