Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Missile range extension is a declaration of war"

This is a statement by North Korea's top military body, the National Defense Commission in reaction to South Korea-US agreement on extending Seoul's ballistic missile range to better counter threats from Pyongyang. This implies that Korea could hit the northeast corner of North Korea from launching sites in central South Korea. The upgrade reflects South's continued concerns about missile threats from the North,
North Korea has been claiming it promotes peace, but showed that they were lying by launching a rocket in April, which ended in humiliating failure shortly after liftoff. North has already deployed more than 640 scud missiles. It also has Rodong missile that has missile range of up to 1300km and Musudan missile that has range of 3~4000km. In other words, North Korea has been extending the missile range since 2001. Although critics say South Korea's extension plan runs counter to its commitment as a member of the global arms control agreement, known as the Missile Technology Control Regime, that aims at curtailing the spread of systems that could deliver weapons of mass destruction, this pact will only stand if there is a nation to protect. If South is evaporated from North's attacks, what use is the pact when countless number of people are already dead. This is a just act from the US-Korea alliance to maintain peace and deter North Korea's provocations.

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