Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My visit at Busan

I recently visited Busan. Busan is South Korea's second largest metropolis, and the largest port city in North Korea. It has Korea's largest beaches, such as Haeundae and Gwanganri, located at the south-eastern-most tip of the peninsula.
I got a chance to sightsee Busan with an acquaintance and tasted many unique foods. I loved Sundae with mak-jang (a fermented soybean paste) and wheat noodle called milmyeon. At night, we lit up fireworks at Gwanganri. It was nice to walk on quiet beaches after the end of vacation season.
Tomorrow, I'm planning to go a bit farther to Yangsan. I hear Tongdosa temple that houses holy relics of historical Buddha is famous. I'm already excited.

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