Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2012 F1 Korean Grand Prix Finals

The Korean Grand Prix Final held on the 14th in Yeongam was a spectacle. To give you the spoiler, Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull handily capured his second straight Formula One (F1) Korean Grand Prix and overtook the lead in the driver's championship race. Another Red Bull duo, Mark Webber gave Red bull a tense 1-2 victory at the Korean Grand Prix, closely followed by Ferrari's Alonso. It was disappointing to see Lewis Hamilton finished a lowly tenth after a catalog of problems including a rear suspension failure and a freak piece of Astroturf getting lodged in his sidepod. Moreover, Psy appeared at the scene to wave the checkered flag and also performed his Gangnam Style pop hit after the race, attracting many to the ceremony performance. I'm already excited for the next year's Korean GP.

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