Monday, October 1, 2012

Ignorant Suzuki Nobuyuki

Japan's extreme rightist, Nobuyuki, is getting nastier. Nobuyuki had tied a stake with the slogan "Takeshima belongs to Japan" to the statue of a young comfort woman in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul. Now, he has tied another stake on the memorium of Yoon Bong-gil, Korean independent activist who worked against Japan during Japan's rule over Korea. It was another one of his ordinary blunt attack, "Takeshima belongs to Japan" stake. Nobuyuki once again exhibited his 'achievement' on his personal blog. Nobuyuki was summoned by the Korean Supreme Prosecutor's Office for his crime against humanity. Nobuyukim, instead of repenting for his ignorance, reacted by sending insulting stakes to the Korean Supreme court and the Blue House. It didn't stop from there. He put another stake on Korea's independence activist, Yoon Bong-gil. This is a reflection of how sick Japan's society is, and shows how devastating Japan's economic condition is. All the socio-economic problem is perturbing as a wave of extreme right. Japan is going backward. They are refusing to admit their past faults. Instead they are under the nostalgia of their past imperialistic glory.

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