Wednesday, July 11, 2012

North Korea Human Rights International Film Festival

This coming 18th, starting in Washington, the 2nd North Korea Human Rights International Film Festival commences.
The international society will be hosted in Washington on 18th, New York on 19th, and LA on the 24th to notify, and report the gravity of North Korea's human rights violations.
The festival will feature two films, 'North Korea VJ', which shows scenes of real life in North Korea as filmed by undercover reporters in North Korea, and 'Winter Butterfly', a fictional film based on a true story on the difficulties of ordinary life in Hamkyungbuk-do.
This year, there were big issues like protest against repatriation of North Korean refugees, and the Shin Sukja incident.
We hope that this year's event will further raise the profile, and raise awareness of North Korean human rights concerns in the international community.

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