Tuesday, July 10, 2012

North Korea's False Idolization

If you travel, and see places to places, you get to experience that country's culture by hand. The view of people living, buildings, clothing, and new places are refreshing, which makes traveling fun.
These days, you can experience the place's culture indirectly through the epilogues of people who visited that place. How about experiencing North Korea second hand? If you look at youtube, and other videos, the first thing that catches your eyes are Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un idolizing propagandas. And people who look free, but unnatural.
I gave a thought, "would their lives be as happy as it seems to be?" Maybe in Pyongyang, but probably not in other regions. They may not even know the definition of happiness. If you look at news, only depressing stories about children starve to death, nuclear weapons, missiles, provocation and threatening Korea come up. People who are trying to show that they are living happily to promote the regime. They are all actors who are acting under the setting called North Korea, with the director as Kim Jong Un. There is no emotion, and the scent of people living. It only feels like a deserted place. A true leader does not have to force people to idolize him. Respect comes without force. Kim Jong Un is only exposing his poor caliber.

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