Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Boram Going all hardcore playing her guitar

Source: Boram’s Twitter

On July 17th, T-ara member Boram took to her Twitter with the pair of pictures above and two brief messages.
In the first picture, Boram looks focused as she strums her guitar. She attached the message: “Dinga dinga (the sound of strumming a guitar) roong-♩ 딩가딩가 룽ㅡ♩,” to amplify the peaceful atmosphere of the photo. With the second picture, she posted, “Dinga dinga ggu-ang!!! (ↂ⃝⃓⃙⃚⃘ㅁↂ⃝⃓⃙⃚⃘), 딩가딩가 끄앙!!!(ↂ⃝⃓⃙⃚⃘ㅁↂ⃝⃓⃙⃚⃘)” and showed a different, edgier image, ditching her composed look to gnaw at her instrument instead.
Fans commented, “So she’s learning how to play the guitar,” “You’re not supposed to bite the guitar, you’re supposed to throw it,” and, “Her legs are really thin.”

For those of you who do not know Boram, Boram is a South Korean idol, singer, actress and a member of girl group T-ara.

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