Monday, July 9, 2012


Do you know Kim Jon-Un's personal organization Bonghwajo?
Bonghwajo is a grouping of the children of North Korea's highest leadership including Kim Jong-Un.
Bonhwajo members are said to be involved in foreign currency-earning businesses, many of them illegal, while also working in key areas of the National Security Agency, General Bureau of Reconnaissance, Ministry of the People's Armed Forces, Central prosecutors' Office and other high organs. They reportedly curry favor by financially supporting both Kim Jong-Un. Bonhwajo is known to deal in illegal activities such as counterfeiting and drug trafficking. Drugs are so prevalent within the group that it is also known as a drug club. Bonghwajo was involved in illegal activities, including circulation of supernotes, or ultra-high precision counterfeit 100-dollar bills.
At the moment, people are dying of starvation in North Korea. Yet, the leaders are performing illegal stunts in the name of regime stabilization.
I would like to give a nickname to Bonghwajo, the Club of Incompetent Leaders and Corruption.

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