Sunday, July 15, 2012

North Korea contradicts itself again

North Korean Foreign Minister Pak Ui-Chun participated the ASEAN Regioinal Forum, held in Pnompenh, Cambodia for the first time after Kim Jong Un took control of North Korea.
I was hoping for change this time, and read the article, but once again I was disappointed.
Minister Pak Ui-Chun insisted that it needs atomic weaponry to deter US nuclear threats, and vowed never to give up its right to launch rockets as part of what it called a 'peaceful' space program, and continued on with enriching uranium, which once again put the spotlight on North Korea for widespread criticism. This contradicts North Korea's previous arguments.
They claimed that nuclear development were to be used for civil purposes, but now they are contradicting themselves that the nukes are not developed for peaceful purposes.
If North Korea maintains its attitude to ignore other people's opinions and only emphasizing their rights/sovereignty, they will continue to be isolated by the international community.

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